The History of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia

The 2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia began in 2012 when 3 members (Jackson, Clayton, and Hernandez) of the 1st Regiment, CSM decided to form, out of a need for standardized training and a shift in goals to support our state and provide standards that were easy to identify.


The formation of the 2nd Infantry Regiment was also well documented to prevent false claims of association and also prevent a misunderstanding from the public regarding our mission, goals, and leadership.


The founders of the 2nd Infantry Regiment developed defined written standards of training, ByLaws, and an overall focus on the safety and protection of our communities rather than political statements and actions.


Since 2012, the 2nd Infantry Regiment has grown from one company in Southern California to 10, across the entire state of California. Each unit is independent yet joined in the common goal of protection of our communities and state.


In 2020, units within the 2nd infantry regiment were removed by consensus with all leaders, to protect the goal of the unit as a defensive force rather than an aggressive organization. (See News section for details)


With these units removed, we renamed ourselves temporarily to the California State Militia Volunteers. In February 2021, our organization reclaimed the moniker of 2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia, and continue with our mission which focuses on community service as it always has. Except for certain public officials, all able-bodied men and women over the age of 18 and not currently serving in the regular armed forces, and any former member of the regular armed forces, are by law already members of the "unorganized" militia.  See this article that explains the concept.

There are several "unorganized" Militias in CA, and they operate within their own self-determined rules and regulations. The 2nd Infantry Regiment, California State Militia does not associate nor participate with these militias.


Membership in the California State Militia, 2nd Infantry Regiment is open to all citizens regardless of race, sex, religion, or political affiliation.


Units NOT open to public membership and/or which are organized for any purpose other than the support of Constitutional principals and community service may be considered private armies and are NOT to be confused with the Constitutional "unorganized" militia.


As a practical matter, we allow only citizens of good character in the militia.

We are not "For Hire", and will not participate in a "Call to Arms" but can respond and assist in community disasters and strife if requested or needed in our state.


All who advocate criminal activity, terrorism, revolution, or a change from our republican form of government are not accepted in our organization.


Our members should understand the duties and obligations of both citizens and government under our Constitution.


Joining the California State Militia is entirely voluntary and as such our members have the right to resign at any time.



Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals